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Nothing can brighten up your landscape better than with our professional and creative Little Rock landscape lighting. Our service is the ideal way to transform your outside area and create a magical, cozy, or dazzling space all year round, adding charm to your landscape and making you smile every time. At Lights by Sparky, we provide the best quality work in the area, with our hard-working and highly trained team, brightening up homes in so many places. You’ll never regret your choice to have lighting on your landscape, nor will you regret your choice to use our Little Rock landscape lighting services, as we deliver a fast, friendly, high quality service from start to finish.

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For a company you know you can count on, you don’t need to look any further than Lights by Sparky and our Little Rock landscape lighting services! Our company has been installing the most magnificent, creative and beautiful designs for our customers for years, and we have built a great reputation that we are extremely proud of. Our landscape lighting can completely change the vibe of your outdoors, and give your home an extra reason to make you smile every night. Our low-voltage lights ensure that the lighting has a long lifespan, low risk of damage when there is moisture or rain, and the small bulbs mean we are able to offer a huge range of designs to suit everyone – call our Little Rock landscape lighting team, and let us transform your landscape.

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Professional Landscape Lighting Little Rock, AR


Having a number of concentrated light beams in your garden can be the perfect way to highlight the most beautiful parts of your garden, beit a grove of palm trees, cherry trees, or anything else that is your garden's stand out feature. Spotlights can not only highlight your favorite areas, but make these areas look even better.


Whether you want to light your pathway to make it look pretty or even a little bit bling, or you want to give yourself a little extra safety when you are coming and going in the dark. Pathway lighting is a classic way to add a little extra light to your home.

deck &
patio lighting

Decking and patio areas are already beautiful, they're undoubtedly charming, rustic, and cosy being the perfect place for people to get together and hangout. With our deck and patio lighting, we can make these areas even more beautiful and rustic, and add a warmth and charm that you'll love.


Water features are a fantastic addition to any landscape, and by adding lighting to the water feature, you can increase its aesthetic and your love for it instantly. Highlight your water feature, make it standout even more, and give your landscape the ultimate cool factor.

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Landscape Lighting Little Rock

We have used Lights by Sparky to install landscape lighting as well as patio lights. We were very pleased with the results. This past Christmas season, Lights by Sparky installed Christmas lights on our house and again the results were outstanding. John and his crew were attentive to detail and responsive to our service requests. It was always exciting to drive home and see the pretty lights outlining our house. We definitely plan to use Lights by Sparky for future projects.

Britt Wimberly

Landscape Lighting In Little Rock AR

I worked with Lights by Sparky on new low voltage landscape lighting at our lake house. John was extremely responsive, helpful in making recommendations that worked beautifully. We've completed Phase I, and plan on additions over the next year. I definitely recommend Lights by Sparky!

Linda Pettyjohn

Landscape Lighting Little Rock Installation

After calling John and discussing my landscape lighting project; he came to my home the following day to appraise the job and to get specifics on what I was wanting. I appreciated his honesty and professionalism. He gave me an appraisal estimate which he honored at the completion of the job, and at the time of his appraisal. He and his crew did an excellent job in a timely manner. He followed up quickly regarding questions that I had and made adjustments when necessary. I am very pleased with his work.

Charles Stearns

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About Landscape Lighting In Little Rock AR

Yes we do, we understand that when undertaking such a purchase, no one wants to go ahead before they know how much it’s going to cost. Therefore, we provide a free estimate for anyone who is interested in our services, and your estimate will include all costs – at landscape lighting Little Rock AR, we don’t have any hidden fees or extras that we add on at a later date.

Yes, we will. Even though we are confident that you won’t experience any problems once your lighting is installed, on a rare occasion, it’s possible that there may be an issue with a bulb or something of that nature. If anything goes wrong with your lighting, feel free to give us a call and we’ll arrange to come solve the problem.

There are several main advantages of low-voltage garden lighting. Firstly, there is a greatly reduced risk of shortages and shocks when there is rain or moisture. Secondly, the lifespan of the lighting is far greater due to the low-voltage. Thirdly, because the bulbs can be smaller, there is a much larger range of designs available to choose from.

Due to our many years of experience, we have perfected the art of landscape lighting, we can transform any part of your outdoors into any vibe you want, from low-key cosy lighting, to a spectacular display that can light up your neighborhood. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction at all times, and we have several standards and processes in place to ensure we achieve this level of happiness from our valued clients.

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