Professional Commercial Exterior Lighting

Bottom-Line Benefits

Aside from the benefit of added curb appeal, business owners should consider the risks associated with unlit or dimly lit exteriors. Commercial insurance is expensive, and the rates are based largely on the risks associated with your location and business. Adding effective exterior lighting is a smart business move than can result in lower insurance premiums. Talk to your insurance agent about the addition of landscape lighting. You just may be rewarded with lower premiums, and in turn, increased profit margins.

Existing Structures

On existing buildings, we can offer you a free demonstration. You’ll be able to see in advance exactly what imaginative landscape and architectural lighting can do for your property.

Designer Evaluation

Our designers evaluate each installation individually. We begin by establishing your goal. Do you want your building to “pop” or are you a business owner who prefers a more subtle statement? Is there a particular effect or mood you’re looking to create? Once we uncover your lighting goal, then the real work begins. Evaluation of colors and textures of your building, as well as the unique architectural and landscape features of your property, are carefully evaluated to create a lighting scheme that will highlight your property’s best assets.

Beyond Foot Candles

 Our team of design professionals will evaluate the lumens and the color temperature. We rely heavily on the Color Rendering Index (CRI) to decide which light source to best highlight each exterior feature. Of course, we also consider wattage, durability and the overall life of the bulb against its CRI value and its intended use. Typically, an installation will use a combination of different wattage bulbs and lighting effects for maximum appeal and operational efficiency. 

Built to Last

Each unit is thoughtfully designed with classic styling to blend into your natural landscaping. Many can be powder coated in custom colors to meet your specific design needs. Quality is our hallmark at Lights by Sparky. Quality design. Quality service. Measure twice, cut once. We realize that landscape lighting is a significant investment by both home and business owners alike. That is why we pride ourselves on the fact that our installations are truly built to withstand the test of time.