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If you want to brighten up your landscape, it’s likely you won’t find a more qualified company that can do a better job than our professional Roger AR landscape lighting team. We are a very experienced company when it comes to transforming your outside area into something dazzling, cozy, or magical. With our help, you’ll find your landscaping very charming and will always make you smile every time you lay eyes on it. We have serviced the local area for many years now. Thanks to our highly trained and hardworking team, we have brightened up our clients’ outdoor setting and their lives. With our friendly, fast, and high-quality service, you won’t regret your decision to choose us to help beautify your landscaping.

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When choosing the right company to help you with your landscape lighting, there are other factors that you need to consider. It’s not all about choosing and installing light products, but you also have to consider reliability, integrity, and dependability. For such, you can always count on us. Our company has successfully installed many beautiful, creative, and magnificent designs. In fact, it’s one of the many pillars of our reputation. With our help, we can completely change the vibe of your outdoor setting for the better. Furthermore, it’s not all about aesthetics only; we also seriously consider functionality and utility. It’s the reason why low-voltage lights are our primary choice. Making use of low-voltage landscape lighting in Roger AR, offers countless benefits such as long life span and low risk for damage or hazards when it comes to contact with rain or moisture. With a simple call to our company, you could entirely change the atmosphere of your landscaping.

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Professional Landscape Lighting Roger AR


If used correctly, spotlights can dramatically alter the feel of your landscaping. Spotlights are generally concentrated light beams that can be used to highlight the focal points of your garden, such as trees, groves, interesting plants, or anything else. It can also be used to highlight the most important spots. However, when to use and when NOT to use it is the most crucial aspect of installing spotlights. Thankfully, we have ample experience with landscape lighting in Roger AR to help you with that.


Adding pathway lighting is always a good idea for a couple of reasons. For one, it increases lighting and visibility for the path, which is always a welcomed thing. At the same time, pathway lighting allows your landscaping to exuberate a certain kind of sophistication and luxuriousness.

deck &
patio lighting

Patio and deck areas are generally beautiful by themselves. Most of the time, it provides a cozy, rustic, and charming feel. With the right lighting, you can make your patio or deck even more beautiful, especially during a night setting.


Having a water feature in your landscaping can make the atmosphere even more beautiful, relaxed, and a bit fancier. Unfortunately, most landscaping water features tend not to stand out during the night, and one reason for this is the lack of proper lighting. With our help, we can ensure your landscaping water feature will be lovely whether it's daytime or nighttime.

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Landscape Lighting Roger AR

We have used Lights by Sparky to install landscape lighting as well as patio lights. We were very pleased with the results. This past Christmas season, Lights by Sparky installed Christmas lights on our house and again the results were outstanding. John and his crew were attentive to detail and responsive to our service requests. It was always exciting to drive home and see the pretty lights outlining our house. We definitely plan to use Lights by Sparky for future projects.

Britt Wimberly

Landscape Lighting In Roger AR

I worked with Lights by Sparky on new low voltage landscape lighting at our lake house. John was extremely responsive, helpful in making recommendations that worked beautifully. We've completed Phase I, and plan on additions over the next year. I definitely recommend Lights by Sparky!

Linda Pettyjohn

Landscape Lighting Roger Installation

After calling John and discussing my landscape lighting project; he came to my home the following day to appraise the job and to get specifics on what I was wanting. I appreciated his honesty and professionalism. He gave me an appraisal estimate which he honored at the completion of the job, and at the time of his appraisal. He and his crew did an excellent job in a timely manner. He followed up quickly regarding questions that I had and made adjustments when necessary. I am very pleased with his work.

Charles Stearns

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About Landscape Lighting In Roger AR

Yes. We know landscape lighting is not a simple project. Hence, no one wants to go ahead with it, not knowing the cost. You’ll also be pleased to know that our estimates will include the entire cost. There’ll be no hidden fees or extras.

Yes. Because of our highly trained team, it’s unlikely that you’ll have any problems with the newly installed lighting systems. Nevertheless, if any problem comes up, feel free to give us a call so we can send someone to fix the issue.

Low-voltage garden lighting offers plenty of benefits. For example, problems related to shocks and shorts when exposed to water or moisture is greatly reduced. The lifespan is also longer. Lastly, the bulbs are available in much smaller sizes, which means you have more lighting options. These are only some of the many reasons we strongly advise low-voltage landscaping lighting in Roger AR.

We don’t want to sound too overconfident, but the answer is that you can trust us fully with your outdoor lighting project. Our company has been servicing the local community for years. With the experience we have accrued, we have perfected the art and science of landscape lighting. We are always aiming for 100% customer satisfaction. At the same time, we are also vigilant in ensuring standard practices and safety protocols are followed or implemented.

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