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Transforming Light Into A Masterpiece


Creating and incorporating monograms, logos and welcoming textures is another pillar of design offered by Lights by Sparky.

The visual terrain of a generic space being transformed into something unique, warm and inviting is the goal of every event or wedding planner. We will assist in the creation of your newly wedded monogram or logo design to cover large areas of what would otherwise be blank and drab space.

​Popular projection patterns range from foliage, which serves the unique function of “bringing the outside in”, to more abstract and modern patterns that pair well with corporate functions. A simple and elegant application of pattern projections might be to project a “starry sky” over your dance floor.

Patterns can also be selected to complement event themes such as snowflakes for a holiday party. Patterns may be large or small, crisp or diffused, bright or dim and can be projected in hundreds of varying degrees of color. Pattern projections are an efficient means of creating texture in a space.

Call us today to discuss how we can infuse more light and love into your wedding or special event.




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