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Our professional lighting can transform your landscaping. Not only will it be brighter, but we add creative touches to bring out the best features of your design. This allows your landscaping to be a masterpiece you can be proud of. We will help you obtain the amount of light you desire and place it exactly where you want it. We are happy to customize each job to ensure our customers are thrilled with the outcome! We want you to be proud of what you see. We have the experience, and we listen to our customers. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure of what you want to have us create; we can help you with many ideas. Our communication with our customers and our quality products allows us to offer the ideal Fayetteville AR landscape lighting experience every single time. It doesn’t matter if your need is for your home landscaping or a large or small commercial project. We are ready for any challenges, and you can count on our quality lighting to last. Don’t go with cheap equipment or try to do this type of project on your own. In the end, you will regret how it looks and have to pay more for a professional to fix it. We can help you get it right from the start. We offer fast services, too, so the changes to your landscaping will be done in no time!

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There are several benefits our landscape lighting in Fayetteville AR offer. We encourage you to check out our reputation and see previous jobs. We have lots of before and after images to share with you from all our past work. You will notice plenty of creativity and different styles with the outcome of them too. We want each customer to have their preferences and needs met. We understand they can be different for each customer. That is why we take a unique one-on-one approach with each job. We are proud to offer landscape lighting to help you transform your home. Our lights are low-voltage, so they aren’t going to cost much to operate. They also last a very long time. Our products are designed for outdoor durability. You don’t have to worry about them being damaged or ruined by the elements. Our lighting team loves to tackle the challenges of each job. They will find a solution to any issues, making a difference in the outcome for your landscape lighting!

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For a garden area, our spotlights are the perfect solution. They can strategically illuminate certain focal points in your garden. There may be certain areas you are fond of or that have special meaning to you that we can give an extra pizzazz to. We can help you design a plan to place those spotlights and bring out the best of what you have in the garden.


Our landscape lighting in Fayetteville AR is popular for pathways. Pathway lighting makes them beautiful and inviting. At the same time, it helps with reducing the risks of falls or other injuries in the dark. This type of lighting is often low-wattage but enough to light up that path to give you guidance as you walk along it after dark.

deck &
patio lighting

Spending time outdoors on your patio or deck is a fun way to relax. You can also entertain friends and family out there. Our Fayetteville AR landscape lighting options can help you create the right atmosphere. Such lighting can give it a rustic touch and keep the area inviting. You can enjoy it at night and not worry about having enough light out there to do so.


An amazing option to consider is water feature lightig. They are stunning and help create an extra wow factor for your water features. Water feature lighting can add depth and charm to your landscaping without much money spent on it. If you have a waterfall or other water-related item in your landscaping, this is a wonderful option to consider.

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Landscape Lighting Fayetteville AR

We have used Lights by Sparky to install landscape lighting as well as patio lights. We were very pleased with the results. This past Christmas season, Lights by Sparky installed Christmas lights on our house and again the results were outstanding. John and his crew were attentive to detail and responsive to our service requests. It was always exciting to drive home and see the pretty lights outlining our house. We definitely plan to use Lights by Sparky for future projects.

Britt Wimberly

Landscape Lighting In Fayetteville AR

I worked with Lights by Sparky on new low voltage landscape lighting at our lake house. John was extremely responsive, helpful in making recommendations that worked beautifully. We've completed Phase I, and plan on additions over the next year. I definitely recommend Lights by Sparky!

Linda Pettyjohn

Landscape Lighting Fayetteville Installation

After calling John and discussing my landscape lighting project; he came to my home the following day to appraise the job and to get specifics on what I was wanting. I appreciated his honesty and professionalism. He gave me an appraisal estimate which he honored at the completion of the job, and at the time of his appraisal. He and his crew did an excellent job in a timely manner. He followed up quickly regarding questions that I had and made adjustments when necessary. I am very pleased with his work.

Charles Stearns

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About Landscape Lighting In Fayetteville AR

We are proud to offer quality materials and competitive pricing for landscape lighting. The cost depends on the materials needed and the time involved to complete the project. We offer free estimates, so you can reach out to talk to us about your options at anytime and we will be happy to help. Once we pinpoint the exact project specifications, we can give you a free estimate for the total cost.

After your landscape lighting has been installed, it will require very little maintenance. If you have any concerns or a bulb goes out, contact us. We will come to take a look and resolve that issue for you. We don’t turn our back on customers after our Fayetteville landscape lighting has been installed and paid for. We want you to continue to love how it looks and what it offers. We have been in this business for a long time, and we aren’t going anywhere!

Not only is low-voltage garden lighting going to look wonderful, but such products work better outdoors. They aren’t going to short out if there is moisture on them. They also have extremely long lifespans regarding the bulbs. With the small bulbs available, it increases the number of designs we can offer to our customers for their landscaping options.

We have worked hard to offer wonderful services and a great reputation for landscape lighting in Fayetteville AR. We can help you get the results you want without hassles of it being expensive. We uphold a high level of standards for our work. We use quality materials, safe installation methods, and we work closely with each customer to ensure it is the ideal experience for them. We strive for every customer to be completely satisfied with the end result!

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