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Christmas Light Installers In Bentonville AR

Give Your Family The Best Christmas Ever

For many, Christmas is one of the best times of the year – it is a time where joy and excitement are in abundance, and if you have children, these feelings only increase tenfold. Family being together, the lights, the music, and the presents are all huge parts of what makes Christmas feel so magical. Now, we might not be able to help you pick out your presents, but our Christmas Light Installers In Bentonville AR can provide beautiful, elegant, and magical lights, that will bring cheer to both your family and your neighborhood. Light up your children’s faces, your special someone’s face, or the faces of your neighbors with the most spectacular Christmas lights in the area. With our installation service, you can give your family the best Christmas ever, and will continue to share the experience, year after year. Our professional and friendly team have years of experience making a wonderful difference to thousands of people’s homes and giving them extra joy at Christmas time. We have a wide array of light options, so whether you want something sleek and low-key, or something that will have people coming from miles to take a picture, we have you covered. Take the stress out of your Christmas with a little help from us!

Getting a Quote Only Takes 30 Seconds

Our Christmas Light Installers In Bentonville AR Is All Inclusive

Our Entire Process Explained In 5 Steps

1. Free Custom Design & Quote

We all know how expensive Christmas can be, the bills soon add up, and if feels as though there is always something to pay for, however, we can help you stay within your holiday budget with our free custom design and quote. During this assessment of your home, we will discuss what style you want, give practical advice to help ensure that your home or property looks exactly how you want it to, and give you a quote for the goods needed. Having this service for free means you don’t have to worry about an extra bill this Christmas, and you can get your home looking the best it can be without breaking the bank.

2. We Provide All Lights & Supplies

Our Christmas light Installation is completely all-inclusive! We provide all the lights and supplies so you don’t have to worry about buying a thing. All extras, fittings, tools, and such come from us, and your quote will just be the one-time payment for having the lights during the Christmas period, with them being installed and removed from your home. Don’t worry about forking out huge sums of money for lights from your local store, doing this and dealing with any problems only cause great stress, and Christmas is not the time to be adding stress to your life.

3. Safe & Professional Installation

Our professional Christmas lighting service consists of nothing short of a professional and reliable team that will come and carry out the safe installation of your chosen lights. Don’t get stuck with an unqualified or inexperienced company that will come and do a careless job putting your home at risk, or even trying to install them yourself which can end in disaster. Our company has a great reputation and you can be sure that your property is never at risk during the installation, when you hire us.

4. Free Maintenance Calls If Needed

One of the biggest problems you will face when hanging Christmas lights on your home is the bulbs going out, and every time that happens it’s another trip to the store and more expense from your wallet to pay for replacements. However, with our free maintenance calls, anytime you have a problem with the lights, just give us a call and we will come out to your home for free and fix any of the lights, this means your home will be shining brightly all Christmas long without any hassle for you.

5. Safely Remove & Store Everything

Like with our previous processes, our Christmas Light Installers In Bentonville AR service will safely remove the lights from your home or garden, and leave your property looking exactly how it was before. Again, you never have to worry about any damage being caused. For extra peace of mind, we are fully licensed and insured for our holiday lighting services. After the holiday season is over, we will take the lights down and keep them stored away safely for you, ready for the next year, saving you ample space in your home as you don’t have to find a place in your home or garage to store the lights until you need them again. Our storage is safe and clean, and the lights will be protected and ready for you when you need them again.

Make Your Home The Talk Of The Neighborhood

Professional Christmas Light Installers In Bentonville AR

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Real Reviews From Happy Customers

What Your Neighbors Are Saying About us

Christmas Light Installers In Bentonville AR

We love the Christmas light installation services that Lights by Sparky provides every year to bring Christmas to our home! The lights look amazing. Every evening when I drive home tired from work it cheers me up and puts me in the Holiday Spirit! Thanks for all you do!

Susan Allison

Christmas Light Installers In Bentonville AR

John and his team were there when they said and did the job as described. They were responsive when I requested the lights be taken down. Will definitely use them again for our Christmas light installation next year!

Kirstin Johnson

Christmas Light Installers In Bentonville AR

I’m so happy that I found out about Lights by Sparky!! Every person I came in to contact with was knowledgeable, professional, courteous, respectful, and kind. They have put up Christmas lights at my house for the past two years and I plan to call on them again this year. Give John a call for your Christmas light installation needs. You’ll be happy you did!

Terry Donham

Frequently Asked Questions

About Christmas Light Installers In Bentonville AR

Yes, we do! After the holidays, our team members will come to your home to remove the lights. We have years of experience of doing thousands of homes, and you can be sure of a safe and professional service anytime we are dealing with your property.

Yes, it is! During the time that the lights are at your home, they are under total warranty. If at any point any of the bulbs go out, you can use our free call-out maintenance service and we will arrange to come to your home and replace any bulb that is blown free of charge. This means you never have to worry about extra expenses at Christmas, and your home will be illuminated during the whole Christmas period.

We offer lights and decorations for your home and for your garden, so whether you want them only on your home, only on your lawn, or both, our huge range of colors and styles will perfectly suit what you want. It doesn’t matter the size or shape of your home or garden, we have everything you’ll need to make your Christmas special.

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